While the concept of coaching sounds interesting to many people, companies often ask a reasonable question – what concrete results can coaching provide to the business. The examples below show some specific cases, which will hopefully help in answering this question:


- As the result of coaching, a manager at an insurance company has become much more open to critical comments, increased self-awareness, and consequently improved relationships with colleagues. The overall effectiveness of the division managed by this individual has increased.

- Coaching has helped the head of marketing division of a pharmaceutical company to take a fresh look at her time management practices, to more effectively share the workload among staff, and to change her approach to delegation. As the result, this manager has become much more timely in completing assignments. What’s more, she became much better at managing stress and took vacation for the first time in several years.

- When one of young high-potential staff members at a bank was proposed for promotion to a management position, several colleagues raised a question – does this individual have enough people management experience and whether his team will accept his authority? Despite his talent and technical abilities, this was a risky decision for the organization. As the result of coaching program, this person started pro-actively coordinating team assignments, working with team members both in individual and group formats, providing on-job mentoring and feedback to staff. After several months of this targeted and consistent effort, he became much more confident in managing his team.

- After several conflicts within the team, one of division managers was going through a very difficult emotional period. As the result of coaching, this manager looked at the situation from a different perspective, took the responsibility for what happened, and started pro-actively building relationships with colleagues. Resulting from these steps, this individual has significantly improved her ability to manage emotions and overall confidence, which also positively affected her ability to manage her team.

Of course, every situation is different and these are just examples of what is possible to achieve using coaching. Make an appointment to discuss how coaching may be helpful in your specific case.