Hello! I am Jamal Shahverdiyev and I am a certified business coach with PCC-level accreditation by the International Coach Federation. My personal mission and passion is helping ambitious professionals become more successful as managers and leaders, increase self-awareness and understanding of how they can become more effective. Some people believe that the skills, personal qualities and behaviors that have made them successful today, will continue making them successful in the future. Well, in the real business world it does not work that way, and one needs to develop new behaviors and approaches to get to the next level – otherwise you would have been there by now.

I accomplish my mission by specializing in two types of services:

- Executive Coaching, and

- Coach Training for managers.

On this exciting journey, I serve companies from various sectors, such as financial services, oil & gas, marketing, and others.

As an executive in my previous professional life, I bring over 20 years of management experience. In 2008, I set up a management consulting practice, which over the past several years has become a leading provider of coaching service in Azerbaijan and beyond.

Coaching has changed my life! I hope it will bring some brilliant insights and new meaning to yours as well!