In contemporary business, the old-school administrative top-down approach is not working anymore. Progressive companies are moving towards the model where employees are being involved in making decisions and taking more ownership. In this context, Coaching is an excellent took used by managers for staff engagement, development, and ultimately increasing company’s efficiency.

The goal of this training is to enable manages to become more effective by using Coaching as a powerful tool for management and staff development. As the result, we are aiming at a higher level of productivity and engagement of the trained managers’ staff.

The training will enable the managers to more effectively work with their staff, help them understand their strengths and areas for development, increase self-awareness, set clear development goals and become stronger professionals. Practice reveals that the motivation and efficiency of staff receiving coaching support from managers increases significantly.

The number of participants in each group is limited to 5-7 managers to ensure that each participant receives the necessary attention. As the result of the program, the managers will be able to regularly coach their key staff, which will lead to staff’s increased effectiveness, motivation, and professional growth.

The program for each group will last 8 weeks and will provide the total of 16 training hours (2 hours per week). The training is very practice-oriented, enabling the participants to conduct their first coaching sessions in the class immediately after the initial training days (their skills will build up further over time, of course).

Our training is designed for:

Managers and leaders, who can then use Coaching as a powerful management tool

HR directors and practitioners who are interested in making coaching as part of their daily practice and/or organizational culture

Transitioning professionals interested in learning the essentials of coaching profession