About program

The goal of the Coaching program is to help ambitious business people realize their full potential, increase self-awareness, and move towards their business goals in the most efficient way. Of course, the goals will vary from one individual to another, whether it is enhancing leadership skills or achieving work-life balance (or any other goal relevant to you). The program will help you identify your unique solution and implement it in the most optimal way.

Are you prepared to challenge yourself?

The main condition for taking part in the Coaching program is the sincere desire for change. We are not talking about fundamental changes in your personality, but rather looking at what approaches and behaviors can be replaced for better ones, which can bring some substantial results. This will require a critical look at yourself, accepting reality, and taking responsibility for further action.

Why do it?

The approaches and behaviors that you have were good enough to make you as successful as you are today. But will they be good enough to take you to the next level? Will they make you a better leader? Will they make you a better business person? Will they let you achieve what you have not achieved so far? If your answer is NO, then perhaps it’s time to bring some fresh perspective into your life.

By joining the Coaching program, you become part of a journey, where you are a Capitan of your own ship. You set some new, even more ambitious goals, and start transforming yourself to achieve them. This will require new habits, new behaviors and new perspective on things. As a coach, I will help you design and implement your own solution to your unique situation.

Who can participate?

The Coaching program is designed primarily for business leaders and top/middle level managers.

AT the same time, the program produces excellent results for high-potential staff who have the aspiration to hold higher management positions in the future (successors).

Coaching methodology:

Coaching involves establishing a professional relationship between the coach and coachee that helps the coachee formulate and achieve his/her professional goals in the most efficient way. Coaching helps people realize their potential and produce outstanding results in a relatively short period.

The program’s four main stages include: 1) setting coachee’s goals and objectives; 2) actualization (analysis of feasibility); 3) developing action plan; and of course, 4) process of implementing the action plan (this is also called “willpower stage”). The last stage is accompanied by intensive analysis of the progress made and making necessary corrections to the course as appropriate.

The coaching for each individual is introduced through weekly one-on-one 60-90 minutes sessions (average of four sessions per month). The minimum recommended duration of coaching for one individual is three months.

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References are available upon request.